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Arabian Shifaa : For a Healthy Heart

Siddhveda Herbals- Arabian Shifaa

Arabian Shifaa consists of Extracts from herbs such as ginger,garlic,lemon,cider and honey, helpful for the Heart and all blood vessels. It is an ancient tried and tested formula useful to fight heart disease and prevent it. We are fortunate to have recorded some amazing Testimonials of people who have benefitted from this formulation.

Dosage is 15 ml daily in the morning before breakfast. And in some cases dosage can be increased upto 3 times daily, before meals.

It helps in the treatment of Arthrosclerosis in wh...ich arteries harden and inner walls accumulate plaque (known as artery blockage) which blocks the arteries and restricts blood flow, thereby increasing the chances of a heart attack or myocardial infarction. It burns excess cholesterol and helps control all precursors of heart disease including high blood pressure.
Since all the ingredients are strong anti oxidants, it also helps reduce joint aches and muscle pains and boosts energy in the body reducing lethargy and increasing activeness. It improves quality of life.

Arabian Shifaa helps prevent cardiac incidence and reduces the risk of heart disease by keeping cholesterol in check and promoting smooth blood flow. Further tones up the circulatory system.

The Apple cider vinegar in Arabian Shifaa is another strong anti-oxidant, capable of burning fat and known the world over to be beneficial in weight reduction. Coupled with honey and lemon the effect is magnified multiple times.

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