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Tulsi ( Holy Basil ) Capsules

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: It is considered analgesic, antibacterial, alexipharmic, anthelmintic, antidepressant, antiinflammatory, antimalarial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, aromatic, carminative, cholagogue, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant, febrifuge, galactagogue, nervine, pectoral, stimulant, stomachic, thermogenic, tonic and vermifuge. It is given for cephalgia and gouty joints and used as a gargle for foul breath. It has a slightly narcotic effect and allays irritation in the throat. It also helps digestion and improves the appetite. It is also used to treat flatulence and stomach bloating. Prevents accumulation of fat in the body -- especially for women after menopause.

The leaves are cyanogenetic. It is also useful in various types of coughs, cold, bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, dysentery, diarrhoea, headaches, earaches, nasal catarrh and croup. It lowers blood sugar levels and also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It has a reputation for reducing stress and is regarded as adaptogenic - helping the body to adapt to new demands and stresses. It also stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of antibodies. It has always been considered to be a tonic and an invigorating herb, useful for improving vitality. The herb also appears to inhibit sperm production. The herb can be tried in conditions like Alzheimer’s, alcohol brain syndrome which are modern diseases and until now there are no perfect naturals for these disorders. It can be used to encourage the expulsion of the placenta after delivery.


Each 250 mg. capsule contains:  
Ocimum sanctum Extract (8:1) (Tulsi Leaf) 250 mg

INDICATIONS : Abdominal Distention, Alzheimer’s Disease, Arthritis, Asthma, Bloating, Blood Impurities, Bronchitis, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disorders, Catarrh, Cellulite, Cephalgia, Common Cold, Cough, Croup, Depression, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Dysuria, Eosinophilia, Fevers, Flatulence, Gastric Disorders, Gout, Hair Loss, Halitosis, Headache, Hiccup, Hyperlipemia, Hypertension, Hysteria, Indigestion, Influenza, Lack of Appetite, Leucoderma, Malaria, Nausea, Oedema, Oligospermia, Persistent Infection due to Low Immunity, Phlegm, Piles, Premature Graying of Hair, Rheumatism, Seasonal Fever, Sexual Debility, Sinusitis, Skin Disorders, Sore Throat, Stress, Suppressed Post-partum Lactation, Tuberculosis, Vomiting and Wheezing.

CONTRAINDICATIONS : There are no contraindications.

SIDE EFFECTS : There are no known side effects.

DOSAGE : 1 capsule twice daily before meals. Allow several weeks for benefits. The use of natural products provides progressive but long-lasting results.

PRESENTATION : In packs of 60 capsules

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